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In many states solar pool blankets are becoming illegal, due to the hazard of entrapment under them.    We highly recommend that you seriously consider using HeatSavr, a Liquid Solar Pool Cover taht will save you money.  But most importantly to save you headaches and hassle from lawsuits should tehre ever be an unfortunate accident at your pool.  More and more these days pool owners and operators need to consider ramifications from lawsuits.


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e HeatSavr TM     The Liquid Solar Cover


·        Keeps pools warmer, longer

·        Save money, time, water & energy

·        Safe for filters, skimmers & pumps

·        Reduce water & heat loss by up to 50%

·        Lower energy usage by up to 40%

·        Easy to apply

·        Automated systems for larger pools

·        No covers to put on, take off or store

·        Indoor pools reduces humidity problems  

  And NO entrapment hazard


     Economically priced in a Trial Size 35 oz. bottle,

     with 1one oz. dosage measuring device.   For exact dosing

     Available in gallon jugs for greater savings


liquid Dosage:

Commercial pools require

1 oz. of HeatSavr TM per 400 sq. ft. each day.


Hot tubs

2 oz’s. of HeatSavr TM per 400 sq. ft. each day.


A daily dosage is necessary because the

product biodegrades in approximately 24-36 hours.


Low cost daily treatment

                                A pool      40ft. x 80 ft would require about $4.00/ day

                                A Hot tub 10ft. x 20 ft would require about $1.00/ day


cov  All swimming pools lose heat and energy through evaporation. HeatSavr TM slows evaporative loss, keeping the heat in the pool and saving energy and water. Pools with gas or electric heaters, heat pumps, solar systems or no heater at all will benefit by reducing heat loss.  Seventy percent (70%) of total heat loss from pools and spas is due to evaporation. The US Department of Energy advises a pool blanket be used to achieve energy savings and heat retention.